Quality Policy

Siddhgiri Tubes uses quality assurance and quality control to identify customer needs and guarantee that products are supplied in accordance with these needs. Appropriate quality assurance systems are in place throughout the whole supply, operation, and marketing chains of the firm to guarantee accuracy at every stage of the cycle.

In order to reach a high standard of efficiency, all of our divisions adhere to a strict quality assurance system. Total Quality Management is also used to simplify all operational operations. The materials, technologies, and equipment are being improved with great care in order to provide the best products possible at the lowest possible costs.

Just give us the task, and we’ll do it with quality, service, and dependability. TRUST SIDDHGIRI TUBES RELIABILITY



  • The system controls the quality of all incoming materials as per the raw material test certificate of the material. Randomly checking in each size for chemical and physical properties at Government approved laboratory.
  • During forming pressing forging and heat treatment process control system outlines inprocess checks and controls to be followed during heat treatment and testing.
  • Suitables fixtures and templates are used to maintain dimensional accuracy necessary guages and callipers are calibrated periodically to maintain their acuuracy.
  • Fitting are supplied with with test certificate as per approved QAP. Test certificates incorporate chemical composition, mechanical properties hardness detail of heat treatment Ultrasonic test Radiography test and stamping details.

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